Statutory Guidelines for Careers Support in Schools

‘The fast-changing world of work puts an ever-greater demand on all of us to support young people in making a successful transition from education to employment, helping them to identify and choose career opportunities that are right for them’.

The governments’ new Careers Strategy, published in December 2017, and statutory guidance for school leaders and school staff, published in January 2018, set out the plan for building a high-quality careers system that will help young people to achieve’.

(Claudia Harris, CEO, The Careers & Enterprise Company)

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation ( has provided schools with a clear blueprint of what good careers provision should look like.

  • Sept 2012 onwards – all schools should ensure that pupils are provided with independent careers guidance from Year 7

If you have any questions or wish to request an appointment with our independent careers advisor that we have based at school, contact Mrs Rees; our lead member of staff for Careers advice and guidance.

Destinations 2018-19
A levels – 53%   Btec – 40%  Apprenticeship – 5%  Army/RAF – 2%   NONE NEET
A levels – These were to a variety of 6th Form Colleges/Schools across both the public and private sector.  1 went to private school. Majority went to WQE.
Btecs – mainly Leicester College, Brooksby & South Leicestershire

Destinations 2019-20
A levels – 59%  Btec – 37%  Apprenticeship – 3% – RAF/Army/Navy – 1%  NONE NEET
These were to a variety of 6th forms all public sector providers and local colleges

How we measure – students are introduced to careers as a concept as they join the school in Year 7, it becomes part of the everyday through PHSE, assemblies, careers days, startprofile and links/talks with local business professionals. Students record all ideas and aspirations in their careers locker and these are evaluated and revisited over the years that they are with us.

Students are aware of the subject/grade/academic requirements of different jobs/sectors which helps with option choices and pathways. 1-2-1 meetings visit their aspirations/lockers and are constantly assessed. Their Aspirational journey may change throughout the years with students gaining a better understanding of their capabilities over time, there new ideas are then address and discussed.

Impact – students are assessed throughout their aspirational journey and supported/guided along the way.

  • % of student who are offered their Plan A Post 16
  • Lack of NEET
  • Well matched to their aspiration
  • Knowledge of career aspiration
  • Experience of their career aspiration
  • Work experience
  • Honest career feedback/interview support