Our vision is that our school is a place where everyone feels welcome, and everyone succeeds. Our school is a place where all students receive the opportunities to be successful, confident and responsible young people equipped with academic qualifications as well as the personal and social skills to enable them to make a positive difference to their community and the wider world.

To achieve our goals we have three core values :

  1. Work Hard – We promote resilience, positivity and determination so our students learn that success needs hard work, effort and they develop the strength to persevere.
  2. Be Kind– We aim to develop respectful, tolerant students who are kind to everyone.
  3. Be Proud – We aim to develop a sense of pride in our students. A pride in their achievements, conduct and most importantly themselves.

To enact this vision and follow these three core values, in consultation with Parents, Staff and Students, we have created our home school charter, which lists ten actions parents, staff and students have committed to.