Principal’s Welcome

My aim for Kibworth Mead Academy is simple: to afford our students the outstanding education they deserve and deliver to them every chance of the successes that should rightfully be theirs. In pursuit of this in our first year of formal GCSE examinations, we have shown that we can secure excellent progress that is within the top percentages nationally for both Maths and English subjects – an achievement that our students and staff should be immensely proud of.

  • 84% of our students in 2019 achieved a grade 4+ in both English and Maths, this is above the National and Local Authority figures.
  • 57% of our students in 2019 achieved a grade 5+ in both English and Maths, once again above the national averages. 
  • 10% of our cohort for 2019 achieved grade 9, 22% achieved grade 8 and 38% achieved grade 7.

We are not a school that will ever stand still. We wish to empower all students to succeed because of our knowledge and mastery Curriculum, embedded within the ‘Kibworth Standards’ – ‘Talent, Knowledge and Success’.

‘The Kibworth Standard’ strives for every student to be recognised as having talent. We are committed to every teacher being the expert, successfully imparting their subject knowledge to our students in every lesson, entitling all of our students to learn, be knowledgeable and then develop the skills and application to be ‘world class’. The Kibworth Standard’ strives for every student to be recognised as having talent.

We are in the process of developing a Knowledge rich curriculum, designed to develop memory and a student’s ability to recall and confidently apply information; putting knowledge about learning skills alongside knowledge about facts.

Working in partnership with many other Academies, Universities and external agencies we are well placed to support our students and families to be safe, proactive and kind members of the community. Establishing lifelong partnerships and friendships both now and for the future.
As the Headteacher I feel very proud and privileged to work with such dedicated and committed staff, students and families. This is the community’s school and should you ever wish to visit and see it for yourself then you are more than welcome. We are very proud of our staff and students.  Equally, should you wish to apply then please do so by contacting Leicestershire County Council school admissions.

Above all else, we are about children and young people, their learning, their needs and even their problems. We are about the whole child. We are a school which is child centred, and so all our efforts, our work and our endeavours revolve around the achievement of each student’s potential, academically, socially, and emotionally. We have the highest expectations for each young person in our care and, as such, it is our responsibility to do our utmost to ensure that that is exactly what each of them realises. We believe every child has talent and it is our job to help them discover, refine, and use this talent to equip them with the skills and knowledge for today and future pathways.

I look forward to meeting you all

  • Mark Oldman, Executive Principal Simon Renshaw, Head of School