Enrichment and the co-curriculum is a key part of the fabric of Kibworth Mead Academy. The aim is for the opportunities afforded to our pupils to be as good as that of any type of school in the country. We will be growing our pupils’ skills and desired character traits, so as they develop their whole self.

Please check the newsletter for the most up to date fixtures and for any changes to the extra-curricular timetable.

KMA Extra-curricular timetable

What is it all about?

DofE stands for the Duke of Edinburgh, it is a qualification that shows and employer what you are really made of. There are two levels that are undertaken in KMA, Bronze in year 9 and Silver in year 10. The award comprises of 4 sections, Physical, Volunteering, Skill and Expedition.

Physical – this requires the participant to be undertaking physical exercise for at least 1 hour a week – in anything that raises the heart rate. This will need to be set up by the participant.

Skill – learning anything from astronomy to gastronomy for one hour a week for the required period. This will need to be set up by the participant.

Volunteering – giving something back to the community or organisation for free, it is so worthwhile, from cleaning bunny cages to teaching youngsters to dance. This will need to be set up by the participant.

Each of the above sections will need to be verified by an assessor, this means that an adult will need to “sign off” the sections, this adult cannot be a family member.

Expedition – Bronze participants have one assessed expedition that comprises of two days and one overnight camp out, where all food and camp equipment is carried by the participant along with setting up camp. Participants have to be out and about travelling for 6 hours in the day. For the Silver participants there are two expeditions, one is a practice and the second is an assessed expedition. Each expedition is 3 days walking and 2 nights camping, all food and equipment is carried by the participant and food cooked by themselves. Each day participants need to be out and about for 7 hours. This will be set up and run by qualified staff at KMA.

Bronze participation needs to be Volunteering for 6 months, Physical and skill for 3 months.

Silver needs to be Volunteering for 6 months and physical and skills for 3 or 6 months (one needs to be 6 and the other 3).