We are very proud of our pupils and the local community and feel it is important that we establish the ‘Kibworth Standards’ both locally and nationally to be of the highest standards. It is in this context that we need to work in partnership to equip our pupils with the skills and confidence for the world of work both for today and in the future.

The vast majority of students value the uniform and wear it with significant pride. It is the responsibility of all students, staff and parents/carers to work together to ensure that the uniform is worn to the requirements specified in this document.  A student’s failure to adhere to the school uniform policy is a clear breach of the school behaviour code. A failure to adhere to the uniform guidance will result in a sanction that may include a fixed term exclusion from the school.  Persistent failure to adhere to the uniform policy could result in further sanctions which may include isolation from normal classes until the uniform issues are rectified.

Approval for any student not to wear full uniform must be sought, by parents, in writing, directly to the Senior Progress Leader (Mrs Mozley) or in her absence, one of the Progress Leaders (Mrs Goring and Mrs Weller). This will only be accepted when there is an exceptional justification for the student not to wear uniform. If a decision is made to not accept the parental explanation, parents will be contacted directly to help them find an alternative.

In situations where, for whatever reason, there are financial issues which are hindering a parents ability to provide school uniform, parents are advised to contact the Finance office directly. Any assistance that the school may be able to provide will be at the discretion of the school. All enquiries regarding financial support will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

There may be the opportunity for students to borrow spare uniform, if they arrive in  incorrect uniform due to unforeseen circumstances, such as staying at another parent’s home and not having had chance to get uniform prepared. Clearly this for one off occasions.

All uniform items can be purchased from : Schoolwear Solutions
Schoolwear solutions Covid-19



  • Black school blazer with red trim and logo
  • White short sleeve or long sleeve shirt
  • School tie (clip on)
  • Black Trousers or Black Skirt
  • Black socks or black tights

The following item is optional:
Grey jumper with red strip (optional as to whether this is worn, but if a jumper is worn, it must be the one shown in the link above)

PE Kit

  • Long sleeve and/or short sleeve PE top with logo
  • Black sweatshirt with logo
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with school logo
  • Black shorts
  • Black sports socks


  • Official school blazer with school logo embroidered
  • Blazers must be worn at all times in and around the school unless permission has been granted by a senior member of staff. In lessons students may remove their blazer if permitted by the class teacher.


  • All shirts must be white and professional looking. Students are to wear shirts which are long enough to tuck into their waistband.
  • Not Acceptable : Coloured t-shirts which can be seen under the shirt


  • Trousers should be black in colour, look professional and are acceptable when there is a crease down the front of the leg and the material consists of a polyester blend.
  • Please see images below for reference.
  • Not Acceptable : Skinny style of trousers, chinos, trousers of any denim material, and trousers which are ‘stuck to’ the leg


  • Black, stitched down pleated and no shorter than 1 inch above the knee when standing.
  • The students can buy a skirt from uniform direct or can to choose from a variety of approved black skirts from certain retailers. The selection of approved skirts will be reviewed throughout the year to provide students and parents with the acceptable and economical options.
  • Please see the below for acceptable skirt choices.
  • If parents choose to purchase skirts not from this approved list, the school may not authorise the wearing of the skirt.
  • Not Acceptable : The rolling up of skirts to make them shorter. Lycra skirts or figure hugging skirts. Skater Skirts or skirts without stitched down pleats.


  • Official school tie to be purchased from the school’s uniform suppliers

Tights & Socks:

  • Plain black tights only are to be worn. Socks or tights may be worn with skirts. Not both. Students are to wear plain black socks only.
  • Not Acceptable : Footless tights, leggings/Jeggings or white or coloured socks


  • The following items are allowed to be worn by all years: 1 pair stud earrings (1 in each ear), one signet ring,
  • No facial/body piercings are allowed. If a student comes to school with a visible facial/body piercing, they will be asked to remove the piercing or the student will be asked to replace it with a clear accessory, or a plaster must be worn over the piercing.
  • Not Acceptable : Bracelets (including charity bracelets), necklaces, facial piercings, ear stretchers. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.


  • Proper black, polishable school shoes must be worn and laces must be black
  • No trainers or ‘trainer looking’ shoes are to be worn e.g. VANS, Converse, Nike, etc.
  • Boots may only be worn for safety reasons when there is extreme weather and only when parents have been notified in writing/email/text message by the school.
  • Not Acceptable : Shoes with coloured logos or edging (i.e. Vans), high-top trainers, sandals, boots (please see above), open-toed shoes, plimsolls or other canvas shoes, trainers or ‘trainer looking’ shoes, please note that no black leather trainers types such as Converse, Adidas, Nike, Vans, Puma footwear will be allowed.


  • Only lightly applied natural-looking makeup is allowed.
  • It is up to the tutor and PLs to define the terms ‘lightly applied’ and ‘natural looking’. If the tutor and PL believe it not to be, the student will be asked to remove the makeup.
  • Clear lip gloss and clear lip balm is allowed.
  • Not Acceptable : Lipstick or lip gloss of any colour, and false eyelashes


  • False/Acrylic nails are permitted but must be no longer than 3mm above the tip of the finger, students will be asked to trim their nails down if they exceed the 3 mm, sanctions in line with school policy will be issued if the student fails to adhere to this.
  • Nail polish, if worn should be of a nude/natural colour, brightly coloured nails is not permitted and students will be asked to remove this.


  • Hair should be tidy and of reasonable appearance. All hair colour should be natural-looking. All hair bands and hair accessories worn should be plain and navy blue or black. Any clip used to fasten hair should be small and unobtrusive in colour and style.
  • Not Acceptable : Patterns or logos shaved into the hair, and no unnatural hair colours- purples, greens, blues, etc…No coloured hair accessories are to be worn unless they are navy blue or black.

Hats, Gloves & Scarves:

  • Hats, gloves and scarves may be worn to and from school.
  • All items are to be removed once entering the school premises for AM Registration and lessons.
  • Hats, gloves and scarves may be worn during Break and Lunch when weather appropriate. They are not to be worn while in lessons. Head scarves may be worn for religious reasons.

Coats & Jackets:

  • Coats and jackets may be worn to and from school.
  • All items must be removed by AM registration.
  • Coats and jackets may not be worn during lessons; however, coats and jackets may be worn during Break and Lunch when weather appropriate.
  • Not Acceptable : Hoodies


  • Grey jumper with red piping available from Uniform Direct (optional)
  • Not Acceptable : Cardigans or any other jumpers other than above

  • Hoodies
  • Jeans
  • Leather Jackets
  • Makeup
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laser Pens
  • iPods/mp3 players or electronic devices of any kind
  • Jewellery
  • Chewing Gum
  • Aerosols
  • Trainers
  • Nuts

Occasionally, students are given the option to have a non uniform day. In return, they are asked to donate a small fee (usually £1.00), the proceeds of which go to fund raising efforts in which the school is currently involved. Children may like to use their pocket money for this.

Please be aware that, while we want you to enjoy your non-uniform days, there is a certain expectation that clothing worn on these days should still be modest. The following are unacceptable to be worn on non uniform days:

  • Short shorts (hotpants) or any crop tops that are low cut or expose the midriff.
  • Overly tight leggings or inappropriate footwear
  • Hoodies displaying offensive images or language
  • Hair colour/style, make up and jewellery rules still apply