We have high expectations of our students and recognise the importance of school uniform in ensuring students are proud ambassadors for Kibworth Mead Academy.

The vast majority of students value our uniform and wear it with significant pride. It is the responsibility of all students, staff and parents/carers to work together to ensure that students wear full uniform with pride.   A student’s failure to adhere to the school uniform policy is a clear breach of the school behaviour code. A failure to adhere to the uniform guidance will result in a sanction that may include a fixed term exclusion from the school.  Persistent failure to adhere to the uniform policy could result in further sanctions which may include isolation from normal classes until the uniform issues are rectified.

There may be the opportunity for students to borrow spare uniform on a one-off occasion, if they arrive in incorrect uniform due to unforeseen circumstances, such as staying at another parent’s home and not having had chance to get uniform prepared.

In situations where, for whatever reason, there are financial issues which are hindering a parent’s ability to provide school uniform, parents are advised to contact the Finance office directly. Any assistance that the school may be able to provide will be at the discretion of the school. All enquiries regarding financial support will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

All uniform items can be purchased from : Schoolwear Solutions

PE Kit

  • Red Kibworth Mead Academy Games T-shirt
  • Red/Black KMA Long Sleeve Multi Sports Top
  • Red/Black KMA Full Zip Training Top
  • Red/Black KMA Hooded Top
  • Red/Black KMA Sport Leggings
  • Black KMA Sport Training Trousers
  • Plain Black Shorts
  • Appropriate change of footwear for the activity (sport trainers/football boots).
  • Hoodies
  • Jeans
  • Leather Jackets
  • Makeup
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laser Pens
  • iPods/mp3 players or electronic devices of any kind
  • Jewellery
  • Chewing Gum
  • Aerosols
  • Trainers
  • Nuts
  • Occasionally, students are given the option to have a non uniform day. In return, they are asked to donate a small fee (usually £1.00), the proceeds of which go to fund raising efforts in which the school is currently involved. Children may like to use their pocket money for this.Please be aware that, while we want you to enjoy your non-uniform days, there is a certain expectation that clothing worn on these days should still be modest. The following are unacceptable to be worn on non uniform days:
    • Short shorts (hotpants) or any crop tops that are low cut or expose the midriff.
    • Overly tight leggings or inappropriate footwear
    • Hoodies displaying offensive images or language
    • Hair colour/style, make up and jewellery rules still apply