Identifying and supporting young carers at Kibworth Mead Academy

We are committed to ensuring that all students get the support they need to have a positive school experience, are happy in school and can achieve their full potential.

We know that for some students, factors outside of school can have a big impact on this. Is there someone in their family or a friend who is ill, has a disability, or has a mental health problem or an addiction. It is possible that in every class there could be as many as 2 students, who are helping to support someone because of one of these factors – we call these students young carers.

Students can be young carers for lots of different reasons:

  • Providing physical support to a parent with a physical illness such as fibromyalgia or ME, such as cooking, fetching things or helping with things like putting shoes on or doing the shopping
  • Helping a parent with a disability who needs help with more personal tasks such as getting dressed, bathing or changing dressings.
  • Emotional support – taking responsibility for young siblings whilst parents attend health appointments or checking that a parent with depression is ok.

Some young carers might be doing lots of caring, others just a small amount but are impacted by the situation at home. For example, worrying about the person with the health condition, or needing to do more things for themselves compared to other students.

If you feel any of the above applies to your child, with the possibility of them being a young carer please contact Tracey Milligan by email: [email protected] by completing the reply slip.

Even if you feel your child or family are doing well and do not need any support, we find it is better for us to be aware and have them on our radar as potential young carers in case the situation suddenly changes, and they (or you) need support.