Our realisation for the need to support our students with quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is clearly outlined in our strategic plan, introducing the idea of careers as soon as students join us in Year 7. We offer a ‘softly, softly’ approach helping youngsters to start considering who they are, what they enjoy and their strengths and weaknesses. We try to embed ‘careers’ throughout all curriculum areas to ensure the transition from education to employment is natural and specifically suited to your young person. The subject is then built upon through a young person’s subsequent years at Kibworth Mead Academy, ensuring they are fully prepared for their Post 16 choices. The Kibworth ethos continues through our career offer, with the ‘Kibworth Standards’ – ‘Work Hard, Be Kind, Be Proud’ an integral part of the career’s curriculum.


The careers programme at Kibworth Mead Academy is underpinned through recognising the Gatsby Benchmarks of –

A stable careers programme
Learning from career and labour market information
Addressing the needs of each pupil
Linking curriculum learning to careers
Encounters with employers and employees

Experiences of workplaces
Encounters with further and higher education
Personal guidance

which is further supported by our recognition of the 6 areas of learning within the Careers Framework 2021 –

Grow throughout life
Explore possibilities
Manage career
Create opportunities
Balance life and work
See the big picture

Careers lessons linked to the 6 areas of learning are in the process of being developed to further support the understanding of our students.

For further information – our careers lead Katie Rees – [email protected], or for advice or guidance please contact our impartial external careers advisor, Cheryl McCarthy – [email protected] (member of the CDI)

Remind your children that ‘no matter where they currently are, there are opportunities out there waiting to be found’

As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken’.