Parent Voice

This was one of the most informative sessions I have attended at The Kibworth School. I left feeling that I could fully prepare my daughter for the year ahead. Thank you.

It was good to understand that ‘A’ levels are not the only routeway to University.

Really interesting and valuable information. Thank you.

Good explanation of ‘A’ levels, BTECs and Apprenticeships.

Gave me the confidence to talk to my daughter about careers/life after school. Much of what was said I have already said to my daughter – good to know we are all saying the same thing. Helped me to feel more confident with discussing the future.

Really unsure of what route was the best to encourage our son to take but now much clearer.

First time we have been through this process. Very helpful allowing us to fully guide our daughter and understand what is best for her.

Student Voice

I have learnt that as a kid you have a dream job, but you will decide what job you want when you grow up isn’t always the same

I have learned that you may not always become what you what and planned to be

I have learned that everyone is unique

It was interesting to learn about people’s jobs

I learnt to follow my passion, not the pay!

Yusuf talked to us about how you don’t always start off by doing what you envision and to keep trying. Jess told us about how he travelled across the world and worked for the richest family in the world at the time. It was really great listening to all the them and how they got their jobs and to achieve your dreams. It was really great and I appreciate it so much.

Year 8 Speed Networking – student feedback

They were reassuring and talked about second chances and always trying.

A good opportunity to listen about different job and career opportunities.

Feel much more confident now. Thanks.

I found it really helpful.

You do not have to choose your job in school because you develop as a person and find things that suit you.

It is important to do what suits you and what you enjoy.

Thank you for inspiring us!

Year 9 Networking Student feedback – 19th May 2023

They taught me that when I can, I should get lots of work experience

I learnt that it’s OK to change careers

We had Denis, Josh, Andrew, Jenny and Hannah, they explained really clearly and I enjoyed learning about their companies. I learnt a lot today and I thank them for this experience

Made me think about how many jobs there are out there.

It was inspiring, plus made me realise you might not find your dream job straight away

It was interesting and helpful, there was a lot of information to prompt me for my future

I didn’t know their jobs even existed

Following on from the highly successful talks from last year there have been more careers talks this year, primarily aimed at year 9, 10 and 11 but some year 8 students have attended.  
Architectural talk – 15 students. The feedback was that 9 of those students rated the talk at 10/10 for usefulness to them and all were above 7/10.

Law talk – 19 students. The feedback was that 7 of these 19 rated the talk at 10/10 for usefulness to them, 58% of the students ranked it 9 or above, 94% ranked it 8 or above and all were above 7. I believe this is has shown a positive impact on the students that attended

Which Careers Live event . 11 students. This was a day with over 100 exhibits that included businesses, apprenticeships, universities etc. The students had a pack beforehand with the exhibitors names and a bit about them so they could plan their day in advance and knew what questions they would ask. 100% of students rated the day as 8/10 on a usefulness scale (10 being the most helpful), 72% said 9/10 and 27% rated it 10/10. 100% of the students said they would recommend the day to others. Some quotes : “I enjoyed seeing what jobs were out there.” “I enjoyed speaking to universities about opportunities”. “I enjoyed hearing what other people did for a living”. “I found out what I needed to do for different jobs” “I learnt a lot about future careers and have a better idea of what I want to do”.

all year 11 students had a 30-minute session with Cheryl McCarthy to discuss their post 16 plans. This took place throughout September to November.  Students were asked to evaluate their experience with Cheryl, when asked how helpful they thought it was, 10 being extremely helpful 96% of students answered with a 7 or above, 83% with an 8 or above, 63% with a 9 or above and 28% thought it was 10/10 in terms of being useful. This has been concluded as having a hugely positive impact on our year 11 students. There were so many positive comments, here are a couple: “Very helpful, brilliant guidance. Less pressure and stress about making future decisions”, “I really enjoyed the meeting. It made me more motivated and helped me out with what I want to do. It’s helped me with my time management and benefited me greatly. Thanks.” “I found it very useful and really eye-opening as I had no idea what to do. I now have a much clearer idea and know how and where to look to help myself”.

September 2022 Massively successful again this year. There were 2 talks to parents and over 20 different post 16 providers. Students were then given an evaluation, when asked how helpful they felt the session was, 10 being extremely helpful, 95% of students said rated it 7 or above, 69% of students said 8 or above, 32 % of students said 9 or 10 and 10% rated it 10/10. 100% of providers felt the evening was valuable and that they would return next year so I feel that this had a very positive impact on year 11 students and their parents.

Volunteer’s Voice

It was a pleasure to meet to meet so many of your students and spend some time learning a little about them.  Without fail, they were polite, courteous and engaged in the event, and made us visitors feel very welcome.  They listened, engaged and participated in the discussion, asking intelligent questions with confidence, and sharing views and aspirations.

I thought the students asked some great questions as they demonstrated that they were thinking about what I was saying and relating it to their own lives and what they currently know about the NHS and the sorts of skills, qualities and aspirations you are developing yourselves.

I found the event itself well organised. The students were respectful, polite and clearly well prepared, and on the whole seemed confident to ask and answer questions.  As expected, there was a real mix of personalities, some confident, others shy and not wanting to ask any questions but happy to listen to the conversation, but all children were engaged in the conversation.  I found the students to be polite, some children tried to ask questions that they thought would be difficult to answer but were then surprised (in a good way) by the response.  

What lovely feedback from the students! Thank you for inviting me to attend, I really enjoyed the session & your students were a credit to themselves & the school. It was brilliant to hear their curiosity about my career & current role

The students asked some really mature questions. I was impressed with the attitude of the students. They were very articulate and confident when they spoke and should be proud of themselves. 

Year 8 Speed Networking – 8th June – Volunteer feedback

Students asked good questions, were confident asking and well-behaved.

Students were really engaged throughout the hour. They seemed to enjoy chatting to us.

Students were very positive, polite and happy to chat to us.

I found the session fun and liked how some of them were managing to add follow one questions from my answers.

Interesting children. Very smart in their uniform.

A well-organised event that ran very smoothly.

Year 9 – Speed Networking – Volunteer Feedback – 8th June 2023

The students were really engaged and were a credit to the school.

I really enjoyed the event.

Great kids, great vibe!

A well-organised event on the day and plenty of information prior to the event. Thank you.

I really enjoyed meeting the students and was really surprised how well-informed they were.

Many of the students were able to talk in depth about some of the different jobs that interest them.

Students were fun, engaged and engaging.

I really enjoyed supporting this can I come again?

Well prepared and well-behaved children.

What a fantastic morning I have. Enjoyed chatting to students.

Interesting to hear students’ perception of different jobs.