Parent Voice

This was one of the most informative sessions I have attended at The Kibworth School. I left feeling that I could fully prepare my daughter for the year ahead. Thank you.

I felt that the evening was more focussed on the academic students and not the ones that might be struggling.

It was good to understand that ‘A’ levels are not the only routeway to University.

Really interesting and valuable information. Thank you.

Very informative and interesting.

Good explanation of ‘A’ levels, BTecs and Apprenticeships.

Helped me to understand the different systems used this year.

The session answered and addressed all of our concerns.

Gave me the confidence to talk to my daughter about careers/life after school. Much of what was said I have already said to my daughter – good to know we are all saying the same thing. Helped me to feel more confident with discussing the future.

Helped me to understand the path forward. Thank you.

I have learnt that Post 16 options can vary greatly from my Post 16 education.

Lots of information given but need more detail.

Very useful and easy to understand.

Informative talk with helpful education.

Really unsure of what route was the best to encourage our son to take but now much clearer.

Brilliant. Informative.

Very informative and filled lots of gaps.

I didn’t know much before so all good.

Up to date information.

Factually interesting, too the point and not too long.

I learnt a lot about NCS, applications and awareness.

Good summary of the process.

First time we have been through this process. Very helpful allowing us to fully guide our daughter and understand what is best for he

Student Voice

In your own words how would you describe the day?

– Informative, increased my self-confidence & useful.

– Enjoyable, interesting but some a bit boring.

– NHS really, really informative.

– More career ideas please!

– Interesting and thought provoking

– It was good to learn that you don’t NEED a degree for every job as I don’t think it is for me.

– It gave me a clearer idea of what my future could look like. The NHS sessions was brilliant and solidified my future – a Neurosurgeon.

– It was good, but it would have been more helpful to have an assembly explaining each in more detail.

– I really enjoyed the Sales & Marketing session because it was very linked to common sense and working with people. Maybe not such an academic routeway which is good.

– Interesting and really helped me to find my chosen career path.

– Some speakers were, to put it politely BORING, but other were really good.

– The Executive Travel session was really useful and showed me new jobs and ideas, but more sessions would have been better.

– I loved the Drama session and the lady was very chilled.

– Good and well-structured sessions. Thank you for today.

– The recruitment session was really good and make me think.

– Informative and interesting, however we could have had more choices.

– An interesting day that made me question my future for the first time. It opened opportunities and doors that I had not even considered.

– I found the recruitment session really useful.

– Workshop explanations were a bit ambiguous.

– Workshops were helpful, interesting and helped me decide on the job I want to do.

– It gave me a nice insight.

– I loved the Counselling session as I want to be either a Clinical Psychologist or a Psychosexual Therapist.

– It really engaged me, and it was useful to find out what people thought about their specific careers.

– I really enjoyed the Engineering Challenge but not all sessions were as interactive. More activities next time please!

– The Law lady was lovely, interesting and informative.

– The Army & RAF sessions were great. I now know that they are both very physical and you really need to be prepared for anything.

– I think they all presented the careers very well and have all given us the basic knowledge we need about jobs in general.

– All 4 sessions were interesting and very detailed. Couldn’t be improved. Thank you.

– The day was very surprising.

– The volunteers were all very good and they really helped me to think about my future.

– They were good at describing their fields of work as simply as possible but in the Environment session there were too many words that I did not understand – but I loved the session the best.

– Law is not for me!

– The volunteers were ALL good and explained things well.

– Construction was cool – we even built a wall and the guy was really chilled. I might go to Moulton College.

– The day was all boring and I really enjoyed the Law.

– The volunteers were all friendly and made the sessions enjoyable and engaging. I also think that talking about their own experiences meant we could draw links to our own life and to follow a simple pathway. I really enjoyed the Media session and might go to DMU to do Media.

– It was all boring as I only want to work with computers and you didn’t have computers.

– It would be better with an animal-based session, but I did enjoy the day.

– Hair & Beauty were really cool and so were the people.

– More information on wages would be good.

– Only 1 session out of the 4 was informative.

– I really enjoyed the Accountant session. The two volunteers were great and really engaging. I loved the case study and the session really made me think.

– I did not enjoy the day as it did not have a broad enough choice of sectors, but it was fun and nice to do something different.

What are you next steps to help you achieve your goal?

– Get a grip at school !!!!!!!!!

– Keep training hard.

– To try harder at school – it’s not easy out there!

– Work hard to go and work for NASA.

– To get lots of useful experience and understand fully what I need to do to become an Interior Designer.

– Not to get distracted at school – I now see a point in it all.

– Really need to get some work experience.

– To be more confident within my career path.

– I need to change my ways in order to get accepted for a job.

– To continue to work hard at school because work is not easy and there is a lot of competition.

– I will study at home and at school to get the best grades that I can. I will look for work experience and do some volunteering. I will get a part-time job and start to earn my own money.

– I will think outside the box now.

– Do more research and use the on-line platform.

– Work harder – (many, many students said this one).

Only 4 students did not enjoy the day, all others found the day useful and thought provoking.

Teacher feedback –

– I thought the day was a real insight into many different career sectors. A good range of sectors covered. NHS – well done Hannah a fab presentation – you engaged all students. Army – good insight – presented to all levels of students.

– Excellent speakers, great activities & well planned. Well delivered personal accounts but maybe this would have been better at the end.

– I only taught the last session and did not see the rest of the day. The last (evaluation) lesson went reasonably well and the students enjoyed discussing future employment. More information on apprenticeships may have supported the students further.

– Great to raise awareness of different sectors of employment. Students were well engaged and enjoyed the day. Attended SERCO and RAF sessions – both were really good – well structured and interactive. Good teamwork elements. Next time include a session on animals. Next year we should try to do the evaluations on-line.

– Session 5 (evaluation) was really well planned and worked really well as the final period. Thanks. Sometimes terminology was a little above the students, but the sessions were really good.

– I really enjoyed the day and feel that the students have benefited greatly from the experience. The volunteers were all positive and there was a real vibe in the school today

– What a great experience for the students, a way to help them focus on success Post 16. Good to know that there are so many different options and routeways available to them.

– A real buzz in the school today. Thanks.

Year 8 WOW Day – 30th January 2019 (145 evaluations) Student Feedback

127 students enjoyed the day. 14 students ‘sort-of’ enjoyed the day. 4 students did not enjoy the day.

97% of students enjoyed the on-line START profiling

In your own words what did you think of the day.

Very interesting as I found out so much about careers and what is available in the future. It was really nice to learn new things. It was good and gave me lots of ideas. The day really helped me to think about employment. I liked most of the workshops especially the computer one. It’s helped me to think about the job I want and now I know what to do. It was alright but I didn’t learn anything new. It was good to learn more about myself. I learnt about realistic pay and average salaries. Very interesting thank you. Some was okay. Today was really fun and an eye-opener.

Above were the comments from those the ‘sort-of’ enjoyed the day.

I didn’t like it. Only Mr Illifes lesson. The day was awful I would rather do PE all day.I did not learn anything at all. The best thing is not to do it. Well I did but not when I got bullied someone. I don’t like it. I liked it all accept some. Do it the same next year.

Above were comments from those students who did not enjoy the day.

It was really fun and different. Interesting and really making me think. I thought Cheryl was really interesting. Very helpful and learnt a lot. Today was okay thanks. Very useful. I enjoy learning all the new things. Interesting and fun. What a great day. I loved learning about myself and jobs and salaries. Very informative and helps me to focus. A nice change from a normal day and I now understand so much more about jobs and my future is all about me. It was boring but I really enjoyed it. This day has really helped me with my confidence. Very good. Please can we do another day like this? At the start I thought it would be a boring day but as it got going, I enjoyed it more and more. A very unique way to introduce us to our possible futures. It has given me a rough plan of my future which is really exciting. It was fun and brilliant. I thought the day was informative, fun and well organised. I did not see what communication has to do with jobs. In my opinion it was a very good day, taught us a lot, and I would love to do another day like this.

It was really interesting and gave me so many ideas about my future. I enjoyed pretty much all of the day thanks. It was a good day today. The lesson with Cheryl helped us to understand the importance of education and how that links closely to jobs and successes. Interesting and inspiring and has really motivated me. I liked how we learnt a lot but that is wasn’t all writing. I liked the activities. What a very educational day. Interesting, fun and helpful.

Above are a selection of comments from those students who enjoyed the day.

What gave you learnt from today?

That different jobs pay different wages and if you have a degree you can have a higher paid job. My future. All about my options and how to respect others in a team. That I have many different skills that I do not really think about. How to make informed choices about my future. I have learnt about jobs that I did not even know existed. I have learnt that I need to work on my personal skills to make myself employable. I haven’t learnt anything today. All about communicating well, good teamwork and focus. That I need to find a job that suits my personality. I have learnt to aim high and then aim higher. That even if you choose the wrong subject or job that you can always choose another. I have learnt that there is nothing stopping you and that you can be whatever you want to be. Alsi if you get things wrong then that is okay. All about options and GCSEs. That it costs a lot of money to live but that life is still good. That you only do well if you are prepared to work hard. That you have to believe that you can achieve. I have learnt so many different things and got lots of new information. I liked that Cheryl showed us ways to be successful and that even if you hit barriers – don’t give up. That there is a lot more to a job than an interview – you need key skills to be a success. That choices should be about what you want and not to please others. What jobs are out there for me. The need for me to have key skills and qualities and some very useful and practical information that I will use. That you should study what you enjoy otherwise your future won’t be as bright. I have learnt about the different stages of learning and success. Different jobs, different opportunities and different salaries. We learnt a lot about our teachers which was really nice to hear. We heard lots about Mrs Jones which was really interesting. I have leant that perceptions are not always correct and that we shouldn’t make quick decisions about people. I have learnt the importance of resilience and sportsmanship. That I don’t need to be the smartest person to get a good job. It’s all about effort. That to succeed in life you need to be able to work with others. I have leant about lots of new jobs that suit my profile and what subjects would be useful to choose. That my personality fits roughly to the jobs I like. How it isn’t as easy as I thought so I really need to work hard. That jobs require a lot of hard work. The more you try and the better you get. It is not simple to get a job if you don’t work hard at school.

Following on from the highly successful talks from last year there have been more careers talks this year, primarily aimed at year 9, 10 and 11 but some year 8 students have attended.  
Architectural talk – 15 students. The feedback was that 9 of those students rated the talk at 10/10 for usefulness to them and all were above 7/10.

Law talk – 19 students. The feedback was that 7 of these 19 rated the talk at 10/10 for usefulness to them, 58% of the students ranked it 9 or above, 94% ranked it 8 or above and all were above 7. I believe this is has shown a positive impact on the students that attended

Year 7  – this was focussed on learning about themselves, how they learn, what they are good at plus using start (our online platform). All year 7 students were off timetable all day and had a carousel of activities with different teachers. 158 students ENJOYED the day, 4 students did not enjoy the day, 9 students sort of enjoyed the day
Year 8 — During this day they will answer ‘What do I have to offer?’ where they will continue to use the school on-line careers platform. Students learn about the MANY ways that they MIGHT be SMART and learn that SMARTNESS comes in many forms – it’s not ALL about academics BUT also about them as an individual.
127 students enjoyed the day. 14 students ‘sort-of’ enjoyed the day. 4 students did not enjoy the day. 
97% of students enjoyed the on-line START profiling 

Which Careers Live event . 11 students. This was a day with over 100 exhibits that included businesses, apprenticeships, universities etc. The students had a pack beforehand with the exhibitors names and a bit about them so they could plan their day in advance and knew what questions they would ask. 100% of students rated the day as 8/10 on a usefulness scale (10 being the most helpful), 72% said 9/10 and 27% rated it 10/10. 100% of the students said they would recommend the day to others. Some quotes : “I enjoyed seeing what jobs were out there.” “I enjoyed speaking to universities about opportunities”. “I enjoyed hearing what other people did for a living”. “I found out what I needed to do for different jobs” “I learnt a lot about future careers and have a better idea of what I want to do”.

all year 11 students had a 30-minute session with Cheryl McCarthy to discuss their post 16 plans. This took place throughout September to November.  Students were asked to evaluate their experience with Cheryl, when asked how helpful they thought it was, 10 being extremely helpful 96% of students answered with a 7 or above, 83% with an 8 or above, 63% with a 9 or above and 28% thought it was 10/10 in terms of being useful. This has been concluded as having a hugely positive impact on our year 11 students. There were so many positive comments, here are a couple: “Very helpful, brilliant guidance. Less pressure and stress about making future decisions”, “I really enjoyed the meeting. It made me more motivated and helped me out with what I want to do. It’s helped me with my time management and benefited me greatly. Thanks.” “I found it very useful and really eye-opening as I had no idea what to do. I now have a much clearer idea and know how and where to look to help myself”.

September 2021 Massively successful again this year. There were 2 talks to parents and over 20 different post 16 providers. Students were then given an evaluation, when asked how helpful they felt the session was, 10 being extremely helpful, 95% of students said rated it 7 or above, 69% of students said 8 or above, 32 % of students said 9 or 10 and 10% rated it 10/10. 100% of providers felt the evening was valuable and that they would return next year so I feel that this had a very positive impact on year 11 students and their parents.

22 students attended work experience over the summer, all but 2 of these found it a really enjoyable experience and said they would recommend it to others. The 2 that didn’t I was able to get them a second placement, one in October half term, which he then loved and the other will be doing it in February half term. Application forms are in for next summer, at present there are only 10 so we will be having another push for this.

This was focussed on learning about how they learn, start (our online platform) and their options. All year 9 students were off timetable all day and had a carousel of activities with different teachers. 94% of students said they enjoyed the day and found it very informative. Some comments given were “useful to look at jobs I didn’t even know existed”, “really useful day and very informative”, “made me think about myself and what I’m good at”. Overall we found this to have a very positive impact on the year 9 cohort.

World of Work Days (MISSING FILE)