The aim of our Sociology curriculum is to broaden students’ experiences and understanding of society through providing students with the knowledge to allow them to explain how different institutions within society contribute to the world we currently live in. Students will also be taught to critically assess and evaluate different sociological perspectives such as Functionalism, Feminism and Marxism. We aim to create students who can critically identify ways to address inequality in our society.

Sociology is a challenging and academic subject that focuses on society: Why humans behave in the way that they do. We will be developing key skills such as essay-writing, analysis, structuring arguments, debating and discussion.

The course is designed to foster in learners an understanding and critical awareness of the social world around them. The specification focuses on the importance of social structure in explaining social issues. Learners will be encouraged to explore and debate contemporary social issues to enable them to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and to question their everyday understanding of social phenomena. By following this course, learners will develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world. This specification will develop learners’ ability to think sociologically in relation to their experience of the social world around them so that they are able to play a positive, active and informed role in society.

Key topics studied

Component 1:

  • Key Concepts: key terms and ideas that shape our understanding of the entire course
  • Families: changes in family regarding functions and importance
  • Education: focusing on what factors affect how students achieve in school
  • Research Methods: ways in which sociologists conduct research

Component 2:

  • Social Stratification: reasons for inequality in society and how that may affect Life-Chances
  • Crime and Deviance: why people commit crime and who might commit crime
  • Sociological Enquiry: ways in which sociologists conduct research

Pathway through the subject:

Two Written Examinations- both 1 hour 45 minutes

Each paper is worth 50% and 100 marks each

Students will be expected to complete a range of questions- knowledge retrieval, explanation and evaluation questions

Additional information

This subject has a strong emphasis on essay writing skills. Students will be expected to show detailed subject knowledge in forming developed arguments that analyse a particular viewpoint or issue.

Qualification Details

Qualification:  GCSE Sociology                     Examination Board:  Eduqas

Possible Careers:

  • Journalism •Policing •Government• Marketing • Social and market research • Law • Charity

Subject Leader

J Byrne

[email protected]