School Meals

The school canteen is operated by the Local Authority. The team provide a service to all pupils and staff offering fresh, healthy food with a variety of meals and snacks that represent good value for money.

Meals are freshly cooked on the premises daily and offer two choices of healthy main dishes each day with one being a vegetarian option. Alternatively, pupils can choose a baked potato with a choice of topping or one of our popular paninis.

A cashless system is in place to buy food from the canteen. This system uses fingerprint recognition technology to link students to their individual school dinner accounts. These can be credited by putting cash into the payment machines outside the school hall, or via ParentPay on the Internet.

Please be assured that pupils’ fingerprints will NOT be stored or passed in any way to other government agencies. The specialist scanners record points from the student’s finger and converts the information to a code which is then encrypted for extra security. It is this encrypted code that is stored on a secure server on our network, not the fingerprint itself. When a pupil leaves the school their information is permanently deleted from the system.

Both the Information Commissioner and the Department for Education and Skills confirm that they have no Data Protection concerns resulting from this technology being used in school canteens/libraries.

Should you require any further information or have any concerns about this; please can you put them in writing, providing contact details for us to reply to.