The Kibworth Standard

In a School like Kibworth ‘Mastery’ is the expected standard for all.


This means you are on a journey of improvement:

• Have not met threshold, benchmark, or acceptable standards
• Will have personalized support through coaching
• Will have mentoring
• Targets
• Time limited
• Regularly reassessed and challenged


The accepted Kibworth ‘standard’ and the expectation for all. You will be:

• Successful
• Consistent
• Capable
• Competent
• Confident
• Resilient
• Flexible
• Research Driven
• Supportive of others
• A team player
• Positive


The aspirational ‘standard’ for us all. You will be:

• A record breaker
• Research led
• Highly analytical
• Self improving
• Creative
• Innovative
• Ethically proven
• Intelligent interactions
• Timely enthusiasm